Overland Park & Kansas City Mold Inspections

Maintaining proper indoor air quality in your home is an effective way to mitigate potential health problems.   One common cause of poor quality of air in many homes is the presence of mold.  Mold issues can present a major health risk to those who are subjected to them. 

While visible mold is sometimes present, oftentimes it goes unseen.  People can be exposed to mold by breathing mold spores or other tiny fragments that may not be easy to notice.  Even those who do a good job of keeping their home clean can still be exposed.  This can occur through skin contact with unseen mold contaminants (for example, by touching moldy surfaces) and by swallowing them. 

Sometimes, mold growth is hidden and difficult to locate.  In such cases, a combination of outdoor and indoor air samples in addition to bulk material samples are collected and analyzed.  This analysis assists in determining the extent of the problem and where mold removal and cleaning is needed.

Our mold inspections can uncover various types of mold problems.   If you suspect you have a mold issue or believe mold remediation is required in your home, call us today.


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