Kansas City Sewer Scope Inspections

A sewer scope inspection is especially important when you’re considering buying a home more than 20 years old, but newer lines can have problems too.   Whether a home is new or old, unfortunately, there is no way of knowing the true condition of a sewer line without an inspection.  A sewer scope inspection can save time and money.

Our sewer scope inspection is a video camera inspection of the lateral underground sewer line which leads from the home at/near the foundation and connects to the city, septic tank, or HOA tap. We’ll get an up-close view of your sewer line, and YOU can see for yourself, live, on-screen, and video in real-time, everything we’re looking at that allows us to make a proper diagnosis.  A sewer inspection can reveal pipe system damage and blockages caused by tree roots and other issues that the home buyer may not be aware of. 

Our detailed inspection ensures an accurate diagnosis of the problem to ensure whether your home and plumbing system has a clean bill of health, or need treatment.  Whether you are buying an older home, or want to be reassured with your purchase of a newer home, call today to request a sewer scope inspection with your home inspection to provide you with extra peace of mind.

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